As a family owned management company, Belus Villas / Sunshine Florida Vacation Homes is the company that can provide you with your perfect Florida vacation home or condo. We have properties in Vista Cay Resort and throughout Central Florida. Most of the properties are located nearby the theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Sea World, Universal, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Gator Land. Others are in a more rural community.

Central Florida is ideal for your Florida Vacation, you can choose to go to the beach East- or West-Coast is only a 1 hour drive.

On the East Coast you have beautiful places, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, Daytona Beach and so many more and all are only a 1 or 1 1/2 hour drive away.

West Coast with his beautiful beaches at Saint-Petersburg, Pirate Island, Tampa Bay, Sarasota and even Crystal River, all places worthy of a visit.

The picturesque Mount Dora with its cosy down town cafes and restaurants and a beautiful Lake Harris.

So you see, so many things to do or to visit in Florida right at your front door.

You want a busy or a relaxed vacation? We are the answer, we have a solution for everybody.

Giving our guests the best vacation experience they want, that is where we aim for. We do not strive to be the largest company, we go for the best in service and experience!!

Belus Villas / Sunshine Florida Vacation Homes Team

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